Our approach to design is simple, fluid and organic…

The innate desire to design is our driving force. At Inkline, we believe, today an artist can no longer remain confined to a particular area and collaboration becomes a vital process to prevent self-indulgence and stagnation. The Inkline is all about supporting each other as artists and expanding one’s canvas.

The Inkline is a professional design netwrok. By professional, we mean business, quality & services desired by our current / future clients and by network, we mean the way we work / collaborate / interact as artists. The idea is to work in a more democratic / socialistic fashion to generate a vibrant and engaging ambience but off course, without despising the positive and necessary accepts of capitalism to run a business.

Maneesh Verma | Founder

Post Graduate from National School of Drama,
New Delhi.

Self-Taught Web Designer & Developer.

I always had an inclination towards fine arts and before taking up acting as a full time profession, I tried for different art school but obviously didn’t get through. You can say I wasn’t lucky enough or didn’t take it seriously at that time. Later in the process of designing stuff like poster, brochures etc. for theatre productions, I realised that this inclination towards fine arts didn’t die so i decided to do something about it. I started learning web designing and coding in the summer of 2008 and by end of 2009 I learnt HTML & CSS and started doing some professional project. In 2009-2010, I started collaborating with other artists for website projects and that’s when the idea of Inkline came to me.

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